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Pakistani Fashion Models Trending on Instagram 0

Pakistani Fashion Models Trending on Instagram

We live in an era where people are entrapped around every social media. Wherever they go, whatever they eat, whatever they play they upload it on social media. Well Instagram is best known for sharing your latest photos and videos updates with the people you love and those who follow. Keeping in line with the trending norms we’ll find a lot of celebrities updating themselves on Instagram. From glamorous eyes to daily life gossips about their family, we find everything on their Instagram accounts. The filters of Instagram made people go crazy for it. Let’s see a glimpse of how they are according to their Instagram accounts.

Best Pakistani TV Dramas of 2016 0

Best Pakistani TV Dramas of 2016

It comes as no surprise that Pakistani drama industry is making leaps and bounds day by day. The actors, directors, and producers try to come up with the best of them to please the audience. Traversing from light comedy to heart-rending love stories, the drama industry has gained enough appreciation for their work. Not only the dramas are being watched in Pakistan but also they are liked worldwide. So to amaze you we have come up with the list of the top hit dramas of 2016. Have a look and justify yourself!!

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Huawei Y5 II comes with LTE support

The all new Huawei Y5 II (LTE) is available in three classic colors i.e. black, white and Golden. Huawei is offering the best of its products with a marvelous 6 months free Zong internet package of 3000MB volume. So hurry to the Huawei brand outlets to g