[Wedding Pics] Anum Fayaz got married recently to London based family friend

Young and gorgeous Pakistan TV actress, Anum Fayaz has silently got married to her London-based friend, family sources revealed this news in media reports lately.

The wedding was a simple affair with only close family members and friends attending the gathering. The wedding ceremony of Anum Fayyaz held on November 26 with Asad Anwar, in Karachi. But she kept this news secret from her fans.

The couple, soon after a brief ceremony, left for Umrah for Saudi Arabia and will be back after few days.

As per media reports, Anum’s husband London born and raised &graduated from London School of Technology.

Wedding Celebrations of Anum Fayyaz With Asad Anwar on Good Morning Pakistan – ARY Digital

Pictures Courtesy: Shutter Skills photography


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