The new TVC of Waves – Is it still Naam He Kaafi Hai for the brand?


Waves is a name that is known to almost every person in Pakistan. After all ‘Naam hi kafi hai’. However, as of late, the brand has been quiet, until it resurfaced with a bang.

A few weeks ago, Waves launched its new TVC starring Fahad Mustafa. The ad highlighted some of the major features found in the Waves refrigerators.

A celebrity endorsement, although not entirely unexpected from a home appliance brand, but done with witty banter by Waves. Fahad Mustafa remains a favorite for many people across Pakistan, mostly women and children and his performance in this TVC was actually on point. Considering how women are the major target audience for home appliances such as refrigerators, we can predict how the sales will skyrocket. Smart move, Waves!

But even after its heroic return, it seems to have hit some nerves. Some disappointment from consumers claiming the ad to have targeted other brands on its way up, but could also be seen as healthy competition.

In a world of innovation and cut-throat competition, Waves has certainly managed to get people talking about it! Even the people that are least interested in home appliances are now ankle deep in debates over the issue. The questions we have in mind are: how will the said brands respond? Has Waves stepped back into the market only to conquer it? Does this mean a brand war is on its way?

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