Umme Haniya focuses on the issue of abandoned babies

Neelum Muneer’s Umme Haniya revolves around a girl who wants to pursue her dream of becoming a cricketer but is torn between that and saving the life of an abandoned child.

The serial’s teasers released online this week and looked intriguing.


In her recent interview, talking about Umm-e-Haniya, Neelam said:

“I’m playing the lead in Umme Haniya. This is a story about a girl named Romi who’s a cricket enthusiast and wants to become a cricketer. She’s tomboy-ish but her parents don’t want her to pursue cricket. She plays really well and she is recognised for her talent; she comes on TV, her face is in the newspapers, but her parents are against this. They always wanted her to get married to a boy in the family. And the family who she is to marry into are also against her wish to pursue cricket. To fulfill her dream, she continues playing cricket and gets selected for a cricket tournament, but when she comes back from the championship, on her way home she finds a baby in a bag.”

Romi does everything in her power to find the parents of the missing baby, she creates a Facebook page called ‘Gumshuda Farishtey’, makes videos, takes the help of social media, and also goes on TV, explained Neelum.

Romi adopts the child and due to the pressure of her family she’s also forced to get married. She sacrifices her passion and plans to take the child with her into her new home

Directed by Tehseen Khan, the story is female-driven and has a surprise twist at the end when they disclose whose daughter the baby is.

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