Top Ten Most Followed Pakistani Politicians on Twitter
Top Ten Most Followed Pakistani Politicians on Twitter
Top Ten Most Followed Pakistani Politicians on Twitter

Politics and cricket are two of the most favourite topics of us Pakistanis, no matter what we leave no moment where we are not near to discuss either of the two. Social media gave us a new platform where we can our out all the expert opinions we have about cricket and politics. And after 2010-11 almost every major politicians jumped the social bandwagon and enjoyed a healthy following on social media.

This post is dedicated to the most followed Pakistani politicians on twitter. So here goes the list.

1.    Imran Khan – @ImranKhanPTI 3.12 million followers

Imran Khan twitter

Perhaps the most celebrated cricketer and now most celebrated politician has a strong muscle on social media with 3.12 million followers on twitter sadly he never been able to convert this following into votes that can help him in polls. Anyhow he tops this list and had twitter followers been the benchmark he is the PM of twitter in Pakistan – without any Dhandli of course 😉

2.    Maryam Nawaz Sharif – @MaryamNSharif 1.53 million followers

Maryam Nawaz Twitter

The daughter of Prime Minister of Paksitan Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and one of the younger faces of PMLN, Maryam Nawaz Sharif is second on the list with 1.53 million followers. One can see her tweeting less but RTing literally everything that has praises for her father, her party, and of course her.

3.    Asad Umer – @Asad_Umar 1.39 million followers

Asad Umar Twitter

Former CEO of Engro and now one of the most important members of PTI is indeed much revered on twitter too like his polite and soft spoken image in talk shows he is taken the same way on twitter.

4.    Shehbaz Sharif – @CMShehbaz 1.31 million followers

Shebaz Sharif Twitter

Interestingly the second most important person in PMLN and Pakistani power politics spectrum Shahbaz Sharif is fourth on this list (yeah behind his own niece) with 1.31 million followers. He was the first politican in power to opt twitter and keep his followers updated. However there is again one issue even the due criticism is hard to stomach for this very twitter user that is why I am in his “blocked list” for past 3 years 😀

5.    Marvi Memon – @marvi_memon 1.06 million followers

Marvi memon twitter

Marvi Memon joined twitter in July 2009 and that makes her one of the oldest twitter user from Pakistan’s political scene. She has always been very engaging and keeps her followers updated with all the political updates that she has. She is often seen dealing with the trolls which she handles very well, at times, just like handling situation during talk shows.

6.    Bilawal Bhutto Zardari – @BbhuttoZardari 1.06 million followers

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Twitter

The Co-Chairman of Pakistan Peoples’ Party is on number six and enjoying the followership of 1.06 million. He is as flamboint on twitter as he is during is public speeches. And one should no be surprised to see his following as he like his ancestors is the darling of our liberals and left wing voters.

7.    Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari – @BakhtawarBZ 823K followers

Bakhtawar-Bhutto twitter

On number seven is Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari with her following base of 823,000+ followers. She can be seen Retweeting tweets in favour of PPP and Bhuttos.


8.    Pervez Musharraf – @P_Musharraf 785K followers

pervez-musharraf twitter

Former president and Army Chief of Pakistan, in his time Pervez Musharraf was the most powerful man in Pakistan but today things are very much different. On our list he is on number 8 with 785K followers on twitter.

9.    Aseefa B Zardari – @AseefaBZ 730K followrs

Aseefa Bhutto Zardari Twitter

The youngest most of Bhutto Zardaris, Aseefa is on number 9 on our lis with her over 730K followers. She uses twitter space for the promotion of her cause too as she has been the ambassador of eradication of polio programme in Paksitan.

10.                    Dr. Arif Alvi – @ArifAlvi 640K followers

Dr Arif Alvi twitter

It won’t be wrong to call Dr. Alvi the backbone of PTI, as he is part of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf from the time when none of the current electables were part of it. This loyal soldier of PTI is very voal on twtter to and shares his opinion on political issues and keep his followers updated. On our list he is the tenth most followed Pakistani politician on twitter with over 640K followers.


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