Top Kurta Trends in Pakistan This Year

Eid is, perhaps, the best time to gauge the trend in Pakistan especially for the menswear that too regarding eastern wear. Normally Kurta Shwalwar (or Pajama) and Shalwar Kameez are the most common picks on Eid. However, in past few years, Kurtas are a massive hit among Pakistani fashionistas.

This Eid wear trend sets the tone of the kurta and shalwar kameez menswear for rest of the season for shadi season as well as family formal events.

Here we are presenting the top Kurta trends that we observed to be a massive hit in menswear in Pakistan this year.

Indian Kurta

Shalwar Kameez is Pakistan’s national dress and Kurta is perhaps our favourite style import from neighbor country in menswear. This Eid too we have seen the Indian Kurta a top pick. Hence we can safely say that this year we will see many men donning Indian Kurtas this year at eastern formal wears and wedding season.

Wash and Wear Kurta

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In my humble opinion, Wash & Wear is a blessing for lazy ones like my-self. Those who don’t want to spend time on ironing their cotton kurtas to make them look crisp, wash and wear style is their to help them. Recently we have seen a striking increase in the demand of wash and wear kurtas. This year was no different either.


Cotton Silk Kurta

Silk Cotton Kurta is another top pick in Kurta styles this year. They are shiny as silk and comfortable as cotton, which makes them a perfect pick for Shadi season to quench our style obligations.  I myself picked this type of kurta for my Eid style pick, perfect for this season I must say. While we are talking about my Eid style I must thank Saeed Anwar Banarsis for this kind gesture of sending in a fine kurta for my Eid wear.

Embroidered Kurta

Embroidory is something that simply ads value to the cloth you wear. A simple addition of a emproiodry design can make a Kurta stand out of the rest of the clutter. This season embroidered Kurtas were again a top pick in almost style be it bright colors or subtle ones, or from heavy embroidary to sleek ones.

Editors Note:

The opinion shared in this peace is solely belongs to the author and may not reflect the opinion of Team MediaSpring PK as organisation. Having said that we thank Saeed Anwar Banarsis who helped us with the research on the Kurta trends and also sent us article from their lovely Eid Collection. Saeed Anwar Banaris have all the above mentioned styles in store so do check it out!

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