[Teaser] Begangi new TV serial of Aplus

Begangi Starting From 9th of August – Wednesday at 8:00pm on A-Plus TV

This is a story of a family of Abdul Rehman. He has two sons Umar and Zaid. Mariam is the wife of Abdul Rehman and mother of Umar and Zaid. Abdul Rehman always favors Zaid over Umar and it may be due to the reason that since he is the elder son he has more expectations from him but also insults and criticizes him frequently. Stay tuned to see why he does that!.
Asif Raza Mir, Hina Khwaja Bayat, Nasheen Ahmed, Sharoze Sabzwari, Huma Nawab, Zia Ghurchani,Aqdas Waseem, Anum Aqeel, Tabbasum Arif, Durdana Butt
Directed By
Amin Iqbal
Written By
Rahat Jabeen
News Reporter

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