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[Watch Video] Clean Your Zameen initiative by Zameen.com

Zameen.com recently launched its #CleanYourZameen campaign, an initiative which aims towards making people take ownership of Pakistan. The campaign, which follows the format of the Ice Bucket Challenge, motivates people to work towards a functional solution to the hygiene problem which is prevalent in the country.


The rise of e-portals – all for consumer convenience

This article is written by Babrak Khan, as part of our Guest Auhtor series. The digital age is changing businesses which has enabled manufacturing industries to alter their methods of engaging potential clients. Previously, they...


What Sort of Properties Should Investors be Wary of or Avoid?

Real estate investors in Pakistan usually face an uphill task when it comes to buying and selling properties in a market that experiences its fair share of ups and downs. Investing in a property in Pakistan can prove fruitful for an investor only if he keeps his eyes and ears open.