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Team Swaarangi Meet n’ Greet event at Books N’ Beans Lahore

Team Swaarangi met bloggers, digital media professionals and Pakistani cinema fans at Book N’ Beans Lahore, yesterday on September 8, 2015. The session was organized by ContentCreatorZ and the discussion was conducted by DJ Shahpara. Film star Resham attended the event along with the director Fida Hussain and actors Waseem Manzoor and Naveed Akbar.

Preview: 6 Reasons to watch Swaarangi 0

Preview: 6 Reasons to watch Swaarangi

The much news making Swaarangi is finally releasing all across Pakistan on September 11th, 2015. Film is said to be having special features that make this film which appear to be something of high cinematic quality. We tried to dig what these features are and here are the six reasons to watch Swaarangi.

Ban on Swaarangi should be lifted! 0

Ban on Swaarangi should be lifted!

Swaarangi is a forthcoming Pakistani movie starring Resham and Ayub Khosa. Even before its release the film is making news since Swaarangi is the first Pakistani movie which has been banned for mass release by censor board. However seriosu circuits in Pakistani cinema believe that the ban is a decision which must be revisited.