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4 things you can relate to if you’re surviving 2017 Ramazan

Ramadan is no doubt a blessed month for Muslims where they can purify their sins by seeking forgiveness from Allah Almighty. Ramadan 2017 started on 28th May, 2017 17 in boiling heat of summers where it is different from the previous years because of many reasons; people are during rest of the 11 months tip top fashionista and one month of Ramadan they magically turned into pious spirits. Moreover, we’ll see how this Ramadan many students had their exams and the heat intensity make it hard for the office workers.

What are Nadia Hussain's views on the social media fiasco 0

What are Nadia Hussain’s views on the social media fiasco

The multi-talented and very beautiful Nadia Hussain was the celebrity guest of Iftaar Mulaqaat for their 13th episode. Show is hosted by Hina Khawaja Bayat and Chef Shai holds the mantle of the show’s kitchen. Iftar Mulaqaat comes with the promise of a different celebrity guest for each episode and so far some of the most popular faces have been on the show.

Huawei Became the Fastest Growing Brand on Social Media in Pakistan 0

Huawei Became the Fastest Growing Brand on Social Media in Pakistan

According to the recent stats released by the globally acclaimed social media analysts, Social Bakers, Huawei Pakistan’s love ranking is increasing remarkably and it has successfully embarked upon the top position among the brands. Social Bakers, is a social media analytics and publishing company that provides social media management services and deep data analytics for brands marketed on social media platforms. They are the most trusted providers of social media analysis tools, statistics and metrics for Social communities like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Twitter.