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Mahira Khan is the new spokesperson for L’oréal Paris Hair Care in Pakistan!

L’Oréal Paris has been present in Pakistan since 2009. Its spokespersons are passionate and talented individuals who are the icons of arts, fashion and beauty. The exceptional careers and charismatic personality of L’Oréal’s ambassadors resonate in the brand’s motto “Because We’re Worth it”, a truly universal message of empowering beauty for decades.


L’Oréal Paris Hair Care Experts Revealed! #ChooseYourHairExpert

L’Oréal Paris, proudly launched the #ChooseYourHairExpert campaign for their L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hair Care with a reveal video featuring hair experts: Nadia Hussain for Total Repair, Natasha Saigol for Fall Resist, and Saima Bargfrede for 6 Oil Nourish. Indeed with the launch of this campaign, L’Oréal Paris endeavors to launch a 360 degree campaign that will educate the masses about hair care for different kinds of hair.