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Stories of Huawei devices that redefine quality and save lives

Huawei Consumer Business Group, a brand known for putting quality at the forefront of their product development strategy, recently revealed that a Huawei device saved a man’s life in Cape Town, South Africa.

According to 41-year-old Siraaj Abrahams, a father of five children who runs an IT and automotive business, Abrahams was attacked and a bullet that could have penetrated his chest had the bullet not hit his Huawei P8 Lite instead. After being shot, Abrahams passed out without knowing his Huawei smartphone had saved his life. Sometime later, Abrahams claimed to have seen the hole left by the bullet in his jacket and his broken Huawei smartphone and realized what had happened.


The World’s Only Ready-Couture Fashion Event – HuaweiArab Fashion Week is back

The AFC brings together fashion, technology and designacross the region and acts as an incubator, supporting young talent, and helping them to develop a strong fashion brand. Its main aim is to create an effective, proven system of production now taking shape in the UAE and branching out thanks to the support of international fashion industry pioneers.Part of the Council’s mandate is to create opportunities to develop synergies with leading European manufacturers and Arab designers to develop a network of commercial connections that can give Arab talent exposure to international platforms.


Nabeel Shaukat and Huawei Live reached Iqra University & MAJU

Huawei initiated “Huawei Live” Campaign a few days back and after receiving an unbelievably awe-inspiring response from the youth, the shining star of Pakistani music industry Nabeel Shaukat himself became a part of the campaign and made an appearance in Iqra University. Nabeel’s Rocking performance at Iqra University and over whelming crowd response led to Nabeel’s visit to MAJU University the very next day. Fans were excited as Nabeel made his visit, there was a cheer everywhere and Huawei Live kicked in with a bang at MAJU. Huawei live is breaking all records students taking part and sending video the response is through the roof. Nabeel felt so excited after his last performance that he decided to make an appearance at MAJU as his fans couldn’t have enough of him.


Amanat Ali to judge the Huawei Live

Huawei Pakistan is all set with an exciting and entertaining campaign for music talent hunt. den talent. The campaign is titled Huawei Live and will be judged by the heart-throb of Pakistan “Ámanat Ali’’.