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Huawei Pakistan launches new Mate 9

Huawei hosted a press conference and exclusive launch event in Lahore on 9th December to announce the official launch of this highly anticipated Mate 9 Smartphone.


Huawei Live finale held in Lahore

Huawei Live, that engaged youth through a singing competition which not only provided entertainment but also encouraged them to opt for singing as their career. Huawei has played its part, and now it is our turn to join them in celebrating the next big voice of Pakistan.


Year 2016 marked as a great year for Huawei

The year 2016 can be marked lucky in the history of Huawei smartphones. Recently, at the launch event of Nova Smartphonein China, Huawei disclosed their mega achievement of having shipped more than 100 million smartphones worldwide since the beginning of this year. This is a huge score for Huawei and a reason for celebration. Last year, Huawei shipped 100 million smartphones for the whole year, while now it has two months to set a new sales record.