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Huawei starts its Postal Repair Service which is getting great appreciation

Another promising aspect of Huawei Postal Service is that the company provides complete services including repair, replacement of genuine parts (in case required) and maintenance. Moreover, the services Huawei have a team of a highly qualified and experienced team of engineers for the said purpose as well.


Huawei Pakistan rekindles the Independence day Excitement with #CelebratePakistan Campaign

This independence day, Huawei Pakistan has come up with an extraordinary campaign in Pakistan for its brand lovers and followers of the social media forums. Huawei Mobiles Pakistan has decided to celebrate the 69thindependence day of the Pakistan along with its loyal Pakistani customers. On the occasion, Huawei teams were spread in different cities where they offered their hands to the selected households and famous places to decorate them with the theme of Independence Day.


Huawei P9 Lite a smartphone with great features and great offer by Huawei Pakistan

Huawei P9 Lite is a true successor of Huawei P8 Lite and the ultimate all rounder of the P Lite series. Huawei P9 Lite has been designed with superior touch of high technological innovations and esthetic taste. Right after its launch, Huawei P9 Lite was successfully endorsed in the consumer market in Pakistan. The Huawei P9 Lite is considered a real boon for the hash tag generation, especially the youth between the age limit of 15-35 years old.