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Sale of Huawei P9 is a record for the company

Huawei has launched its all new flagship smart phone; Huawei P9 Plus that has recorded tremendous sales. Huawei P9 Plus is the best high end smart phone, designed with a superior touch of highly technological innovations and aesthetic taste.


Huawei Y5 II comes with LTE support

The all new Huawei Y5 II (LTE) is available in three classic colors i.e. black, white and Golden. Huawei is offering the best of its products with a marvelous 6 months free Zong internet package of 3000MB volume. So hurry to the Huawei brand outlets to g


Huawei starts its Postal Repair Service which is getting great appreciation

Another promising aspect of Huawei Postal Service is that the company provides complete services including repair, replacement of genuine parts (in case required) and maintenance. Moreover, the services Huawei have a team of a highly qualified and experienced team of engineers for the said purpose as well.