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One Thing Sarah Khan Can Not Wait For

For the 19th episode of Iftar Mulaqaat, Sarah Khan was the guest . The show is hosted by Hina Bayat and Chef Shai is the culinary expert on-board. Sarah had a very interesting discussion with Hina, she was honest as well ascomical with her replies.


Supermodel Hira Tareen Reveals her Hidden Talent on Iftar Mulaqaat

Hira Tareen is a phenomenal actress, a super model and a VJ. In the time she started working in entertainment industry, she has impressed all her fans and people within the industry with her powerful acting skills. She was the guest of honor for the 16th episode of Iftar Mulaqaat, hosted by the ever beautiful Hina Khawaja Bayat. The show comes with a promise of different celebrity for each episode.