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Sting Challenge Round 2 Held in Lahore

Sting came up with a fully energetic event “Sting Challenge Round 2” starring heartthrob boxer “Amir Khan.” The first Sting Challenge took place in 2015 which allowed the youth of Pakistan to interact with the renowned boxer.


Boxing Champion Amir Khan for Pepe Jeans Pakistan

This is Pepe and Pepe is London Street Style featuring boxing legend Amir Khan! Born on the streets of London, a city that is at the fashion forefront, Pepe Jeans brings to you the best street style around. Their collection offers you a fundamental and basic list you ought to have to build an edgy, trendy wardrobe with timeless pieces that are cutting edge.

Amir Khan The Face of Pakistan’s Energy Drink Sting #‎StingChallenge 0

Amir Khan The Face of Pakistan’s Energy Drink Sting

The one reason for sports oriented movies end up doing great is that they infuse a passion in the viewer they motivate the viewer to bring about a positive change in them. This change can even be smallest one, take for example listening to the OST ‘Hearts on fire’ from Rocky IV can push me to run an extra kilometer on the jogging track. From a social media junkie point of view I can say that video clips featuring training or motivational speeches from such films end up harnessing millions of views on YouTube and other websites of this sort. And the reason for this phenomena is the ability of such videos to tickle our instants of passion and motivation.