Supermodel Hira Tareen Reveals her Hidden Talent on Iftar Mulaqaat

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Hira Tareen is a phenomenal actress, a super model and a VJ.  She was the guest for the 16th episode of Iftar Mulaqaat, hosted by the ever beautiful Hina Khawaja Bayat. The show comes with a promise of different celebrity for each episode.

Hira Tareen had a pleasant conversation with Hina Bayat where she discussed her career, marriage with Ali Safina (also an actor and VJ) and something that Hira never disclosed before!

I really like playing the Tabla

she likes playing the tabla, but that’s not all. Playing the tabla really helped her overcome her shyness as a kid. Hira started it off privately but eventually she was asked to play that in events too.

“I was a very shy kid but then I started off privately, then in birthday parties and in family functions”

She plays the tabla on and off and since she didn’t learn to play it from a professional. Hira believes that anybody would be able to point out the flaws. Hira believes the music is a part of her and comes from within.


Stay tuned for more news on this amazing and talented super model and many more of your favorite celebrities. Don’t forget to watch Iftaar Mulaqaat every day from 6-7 pm only on Geo Kahani.

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