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Sonia Mishal is a familiar name for the followers and viewers of Pakistan’s TV dramas. And it is justly said that she has proved to be one promising acting powerhouse with the variety of roles she has played in her career thus far. Her new TV drama serial, O Rangreza went on air tonight, which appeared to be quite captivating with its hype and promos.

Recently, The team MediaSpringPk had a chance to speak to this talented actress about her role and the TV play O Rangreza, and it was really sweet of Sonia to agree for this interview, here is what she said as a response to our questions:

There is quite a buzz about your new drama serial O Rangreza, but what was one factor that made you sign this TV serial?

Sonia: Yes the buzz is real and it’s going to be worth it. Kashif bhai (Kashif Nisar director) and I had spoken about one of the characters in Orang Reza very vaguely. It was a while back when I was in Karachi, so when I came back he told me the full story and gave me details about my role.

I was up for it immediately because my character is not just another “role” it’s a proper character. The thought of playing and living Meena made me sign this serial and I’m really glad that I did play this role.

Tell us something about the serial O Rangreza, considering the title how colourful is it going to be?

Sonia: it’s going to be very colourful because every actor in this serial is living a life of a character, and every character has its own story. There are no gaps, the story is not dragged, and nothing is left empty, you know what I mean?

It’s a very intellectual script, and I really hope people get the message. I won’t say much as of now as I’ll let the audience decide.

Tell us about your role, who is Meena how is she as a character did she challenge acting skills of Sonia Mishal?

Sonia:  It, definitely, was a challenge for me to play Meena and go through all the transformation be it emotionally or physically and because it was a challenge, I wanted to put in more dedication in it. Honestly, I don’t believe in playing safe with the roles I choose. I believe in characters I have to portray on screen.


How is this role different than your previous roles?

Sonia: Ah! It’s very different and difficult from what I’ve done before. I thought the role of Kulsoom from Dumpukht was going to be the most difficult of my career with so much solid Urdu and one-page dialogues but this character of Meena has topped everything.

Meena is such a lost character as she thinks of herself as if she knows everything about life and she has set her priorities straight. But when she comes to Pakistan she learns that there is so much more to life and taking off the mask that she has been wearing all her life… in short pretty intense!

Sonia Mishal as Meena in O Rangreza


Any particular moment from the serial or any incident on the sets of O Rangreza that you would like to share with us?

Sonia: Haha! Every day something fun would happen on the sets. It was fun all the time because we all clicked so perfectly that there was no fights no jealousy just pure friendship and healthy work relationship.

We used to pull pranks but in a very harmless manner. I think once we were going for a one take scene and there were so many moves and dialogues. It was a situation that demanded seriousness but we all started laughing for no reason we couldn’t record that scene that day so we left it as it was.

Who is your favourite character, besides yours, in the serial O Rangreza?

Sonia: This is a hard one. I love every character besides mine as I’ve mentioned earlier, every actor has a story to tell and they’ve all done it so beautifully that sometimes you forget if Sajal is really Sajal or Sassi if Noman Ijaz is really him or Khayaam I love every character of this TV play.

What is one particular thing about O Rangreza that you think the audience will like the most?

Sonia: The audience will like O Rangraza for the fact that this TV play is truly different. It’s a fantasy world, it’s like a fairytale but having said that it is for those viewers who are ready for a change. However, if they (the audience) still want saas bahu and zulm sey bhari larki this is not their cup of tea. I think this serial can bring some kind of hope to change the mind sets.

Any message for your fans and readers of MediaSpring Pk?

Sonia: Thank you so much for all your love and support, I must say that without you guys I wouldn’t be here. Thank you for appreciating my work always. I appreciate you guys more. Please do watch O Rangreza every Friday at 8 pm only on Hum TV and give your feedback it’ll mean a lot. For team MediaSpring PK i’d like to say best of luck and God bless. ❣


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