Smell of Freedom – the limited edition variant of Bold Body Spray

Bold Body Spray emerged onto the scene last year with a solid campaign and face of the campaign, Fawad Khan. Now after the launch, Bold is reinforcing itself with various campaigns and variants. The latest of such variants is – Smell of Freedom.

The smell of Freedom is a limited edition line of Bold Body Sprays by Hilal. This line was introduced last month in the spirit of Independence Day of Pakistan. Bold Azadi Edition is a unique variant, representing the smell of Freedom and resonates to the spirit of Pakistanis.

BOLD is flagship brand of Hilal Caren, it is a transformational product and has established itself as a ‘Gas Free Body Spray’

Here are 5 reasons making Bold Azadi Edition a different bodyspray as compared to other brands:

Gase Free Body Spray:

BOLD is Pakistan’s first gas-free body spray.

Fragrance Percentage:

The fragrance percentage of Bold is higher as compared to the other brands in the market.

3X more liquid content

There is three times more liquid content in BOLD compared to traditional gas body spray and hence a bottle of Bold lasts much longer

Dual purpose product

The unique gas free formulation pf BOLD makes it a dual purpose product, as it can be applied on both body and clothes.

Finest Fragrances from Europe

BOLD uses finest European fragrances from the top fragrance suppliers, and the scents are handpicked through rigorous consumer and professional research

Finally what we have to say!!!

As a social media statement of Bold read,

Here’s to 70 years of blood, sweat & struggle! This nation has come a long way. With the faith of a more united & disciplined nation, Bold wishes every Pakistani a very happy Independence Day. May we prosper today and always!

Using the special Azadi Edition of Bold was a good experience the fragrance is indeed different as compared to other brands or the other lines of Bold. The fragrance was fresh and what thing I particularly liked was that It is made for the season and the month(s) of August (and September) when there is humidity and the amount of sweat demands for a lighter and invigorating bodyspray. I find the fragrance and the lasting performance of Bold Azadi Edition just the right thing for that.


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