The Season 7 of iBid by FM91 has begun

One of Pakistan’s most listened radio station, Radio One FM91 is all set to reward its loyal listeners with the most demanded product in the world. As this year is approaching its end, FM91 launches the 7th season of the famous iBid campaign. The lucky two winners who send in the most text messages between 19th December and 23rd December, FM91 is giving away the luxurious of prizes.

FM91 has received a total of 1474 entries for this competition. And now the bidding process will begin all you need to do is to bid like a champion.

The bidding process is a game of sheer persistence.


The bidding process, which has started, is also simple: Just type” “IBID <<space>>Your Name” and SMS it to 9191 from your cell phone. So, muster the drive that each one of us has within us, and get your hands on the prize and don’t stop till you have the iphone7 Plus in your hands!

If you’re a 91 loyalist, you already know that the prize will be generous and, without exaggeration, rather grand. This time, FM91 is giving away the most desired product in the whole world

The prizes are the brand new iWatch series 2 and iPhone 7 Plus. The iWatch Series 2 goes to the runner-up, and the top spot winner gets the iPhone 7 Plus.

The winners are to be announced on Friday the 23rd of December, 2016 during our grand finale. IBID for Iphone7 Plus, Season 7!

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