Roth debuted with their music video titled Saajna

Roth on December 22nd, debuted with their music video titled Saajna. Roth’s Saajna was released by Rolla Rappa Records.

With Fawad Ali on the vocals, Roth’s Saajna is a pretty hummable tune. Depicting feelings of love, ‘Saajna’ is a song for everyone who has fallen in love. A tune that comes from the heart. This is a release you surely don’t want to miss!


Song Credits:

Song: Saajna
Band: ROTH
Vocals by Fawad Ali
Guitars by Saad Asif
Lyrics by Fawad Ali
Composed by Saad Asif
Arranged & Produced by Adrian David Emmanuel
Video Production by Aperture Studio
Video Directed by Touqir Abbas & Nomi
DOP: Fahim Saddiqui
Colorist: Mughees Ahmed Nagi

Label: Rolla Rappa Records

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