[Review] Zameen TVC 2017 Feat Fawad Khan

It was a late night at office Yousaf aka Fawad Khan was still working there sitting in front of his laptop where his colleague wished him good luck for his work. He was exhausted but still determined. All of a sudden he received a call on Skype from his sister. Her mother asked her for how many times Nida(his sister) called you, we were worried.

Yousaf being far away from his homeland said that the load of work abstained him from calling. Yousaf’s dad appeared on the scene and asked him to send rent for the house. Meanwhile, her mother asked her when he would come to Pakistan because he had been there for 5 years. It’s the love that she kept questioning him when he would come to Pakistan.

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Yousaf’s phone rings and he apologized them that he had to attend the call. The mother and father looked dismayed and hopeless. Apparently, that was a rude behavior but they had no idea what he was planning for. Meanwhile, his father added we had spent every penny on him and then the silence in the room was heart-rending. At the same time, Nida received a message and told the mother that she would take them to Khalas’ home tomorrow.

The airplane landed and Yousaf stepped in Pakistan. The smile on his face was saying that everything was going to be alright. While on the other side Nida brought her mother and father to a new house. Her mother questioned her that where you had brought us. They looked astounded. Nida led them to inside the house. And when they saw Yousaf standing there, their happiness had no bound they hugged each other. His father said that 5 years Yousaf!! What he tried to say was it had been a long time they waited for him. These five years were very tough and heart-pinching for them and Yousuf had no idea how they spend all this time span. Yousuf silently handed over the file in his father’s hand. He replied to his dad that I was there house, our house. And that moment my readers was the most emotional moment I’ve ever seen that how he worked so hard that his family might be able to live in their own house and they wouldn’t have to spend the rest of their lives on rent, and how he kept respect of all the money that was being spent on him. That was the joyful cum contented feeling that gave them gratitude. And that was all made possible by Zammen.com. Yousaf while sitting in outstation managed to buy a house with the help of Zameen.com.

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