[Review] In the love story of Raja and Quratulain Hua Kuch Yoon

The latest theatre play of Dawar Mehmood and production of KopyKat Productions,  Hua Kuch Yoon is being staged at the Alhamra Arts Council Lahore.

Hua Kuch Yoon is a love story that is embedded in the timeline of Pakistan and India. A love story troubled by the incidents of independence, partition, and the political rift between the two neighbors – Pakistan and India.

The account of Raja-Aini’s love story folds and evolves with the story of Pakistan and Inda with a humorous angle.

Hua Kuch Yoon depicts how state issues can affect lives of individuals and how common people are left with no other option other than compromising with the situation.

Qurat-ul-Ain & Raja Mahmood the protagonists of the story play narrative of the events of partition & history. The story of Pakistan and India unfolded with the story of Raja and Aini keeps the viewers glued and does not let to get bored, the story is finely crafted to strick some chords. Those laughable scenes and those gasps causing moments all felt real and relatable. A good theatre must be promoted and enjoyed. And Dawar Mehmood’s Hua Kuch Yoon penned by Sajid Hassan is one such play.

There were some factual loopholes in the story timeliness but overall it does not make viewers feel bored. The effort actors and the whole team put in to make a great show is commendable, the love story really struck some cords. We give it 3.5/5.

As a whole show job well done by KopyKats Productions. It is a must watch if you like good theater and have interest in love stories and stories of 1947 partition.

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