[Review] Khaani – Episode 8

As the TV  play is progressing the passionate and insane love of Mir Hadi towards Khaani is getting intense. The episode starts with a breakfast discussion of the Mir Shah family where Hadi clearly tells his parents that they don’t need to worry about him and his decisions, when the time will be right he will achieve his love and Khaani will be in his possession.

The worried politician Mir Shah, out of aggression plots a fake accidental death of Khaani and bribe a driver to hit her while coming back home from work. Co-incidentally Mir Hadi also waits for Khaani when she leaves for home from work, at the corner of the lane while he was waiting for Khaani to step out he saw a van moving towards her wand hit her badly, he chases the driver and the culprit get caught. Upon threatening him he got to know that he was sent by Hadi’s own father to kill Khaani.

This grew rage in Mir Hadi and he reaches home, talking furiously with his own parents he picked up the gun and put it on his head screaming vigorously that we will shoot himself. This dreadful scene shook Mir Shah and his wife and they confessed that the accident was plotted by them.

In the meantime his friend enters the room and tries to handle the situation by telling Mir Hadi that Khaani is out of danger and she is doing well. The most intense scenes from episode eight were found when Mir Hadi was ferociously shouting and threatening that he will kill himself:

“Woh do takay ki larki nahy hay, woh meri hay, woh yaha rehti hay, yaha rehti hay, yahan”

In the later part of the episode it has been observed that Khaani is thinking about her unknown lover who is sending her flowers, chocolates and messages anonymously, since she doesn’t know who the person is she is developing feelings for him.  Despite the fact that Mir Hadi is not disclosing his name due to the fear of Khaani’s reaction he visits her in the hospital and leaves flowers in his room.

Each new episode closed with an open-ended question and curiosity to wait and watch what is going to happen in the next episode. So let’s see if Khaani will ever realize Mir Hadi’s love as the story will unfold or will she decline his proposal due to the bitter truth of his past that he killed her dear brother and left her shattered.


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