[Review] Coca-Cola Ramazan Campaign 2016 #MazaHar

[Review] Coca-Cola Ramazan Campaign 2016 #MazaHarLamheKa

Coca Cola has been best known for showing love for the relations in its advertisements. Coca Cola positions itself as a symbol to empower t relations.

One of the commercial of Coca Cola is highlighting “Boyhood”. It comes as no surprise that in 11 to 14 years age, younger boys try to copy the behavior of their elder teenagers. However, they are always ignored in every aspect because of being junior. Similarly, this ad has shown that there is a family gathering for Iftar party where the little ones are ignored even on the dining table and didn’t get the chance to drink their favorite cola. The younger one hardly bear it as he is dying to drink.  After Iftar again the little one is ignored and deprived of coca cola. He looked upon his elder with disappointment. And then his elder surprisingly gives him cola and he enjoys it because Coca Cola is taken as sign of Enjoyment among youngsters. Summing it up, coca cola ties up their relation strongly. J

Watch Video Coca Cola TVC Boyhood

Penning down the other commercial of Ramadan 2016, which is about Motherhood. This commercial depicts that there is a family gathering in which the mother the wants to drink the coca cola but could not do so first her guest takes it then she is asked to have a family photograph. When the guests are gone, she moves towards the dining table to quench her thirst, as she is too tired and here again she was dismayed as the bottle is empty. All of a sudden, her family appear with Coca-Cola bottle and she finally drink it to the fullest. This ad shows that a mother sacrifices everything for her children and family and in turn, coca cola rebinds this relation with love

Watch Video Coca Cola TVC Motherhood

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