Hira (Hiba Bokhari) and Abiha (Momal Sheikh) have been abandoned by their father, who is a gambler and didn’t want to take daughters’ responsibility, and raised by their mother in khala’s home along with their cousin Jawad (Junaid Khan). Abiha is in a one-sided love of Shahzab (Muneeb Butt), he is their neighbor and childhood friend whereas Hira has always pictured a life with Jawad to which Jawad is completely unaware.

Jawad has recently returned from the US after finishing his studies to start a life in Pakistan, soon his friend Ujala (Saira Bhatti) will arrive from the US and with his mother’s agreement they will be married. This would leave Hira heartbroken meanwhile Hira’s father will contact her mother and demands to meet his daughters.

As the story unfolds new events we will see their mother’s struggle to protect them from their father, Abiha’s struggle to progress in the job and help her mother with day to day needs and Hina’s resolve with Jawad once she learns about her father’s true intention and Jawad divorces Ujala.


Produced by: Erum Binte Shahid

Production House: DramayBaaz Entertainment