[Press Conference] Humaira Arshad Rebuts Husband’s Accusations

Humaira Arshad Rebuts Husband's Accusations

In a press conference in the Lahore Press Club Pakistani singer Humaira Arshad, said that Ahmad Butt, her spouse, put slain accusations on her. She said that her husband wanted her to give him share in property in case of separation between the two.

Talking about her baby, she started weeping in the press and said that I want to take my baby back from him as he is my loved one. She also said that my husband used to beat me in front of whole neighborhood and relatives.

Humaira said that we had a love marriage and we remain together for twelve years, but now his elder brother is forcing him to fetch all the money from me She said that he did not give her a single penny during the married life, in fact Ahmed used to take money from her (Humera).

She said:

“At the time of marriage Ahmad did not even have his own house, and I purchased the house for our living.Ahmad used to coerce me to give money otherwise he will take our baby away from me. He threatened me to throw acid on me or to kill me.”


Here is the video of her Presser:

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