Oye Hoye Chips Brand in Pakistan Setting Standards With Marketing Campaigns

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This article is written by Hira Hussain as part of our guest authors series.

Oye Hoye is one of the leading chips brand that has created a distinctive mark on the Pakistani snack food industry. It is a potato chips brand which greatly promises a lighter side of life. A spunky, exciting and fun product which is available in variety of delicious flavors and catchy colors. Oye Hoye has turned out to be the epitome of a tension free life where stresses simply roll by. It is unique and highly appealing appearance is considered as one of the absolute freedom in face of toughness of a young person and carefree life.

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Oochi, which is the mascot for Oye Hoye is now widely known for his exceptional brand of style and comedy. The role is commendably played by Fawad Khan, curly haired, tracksuit, aviator donning hero depicts an incredible persona that amalgamates epic fails and tall tales. Always trying to one up the rest of the world, Oochi finds himself on the weird side of things quite often. This naïve character along with his iconic afro appeared with Fawad Khan’s own input on set to inform the world that it is time to be tension free no matter how many curveballs life targets and throws at you. One of Oochi’s many quirks is a face which shows that his life might be Oye but in chips, he always keeps Oye Hoye as his first preference. The world of Oochi soon turns the same for its customers as his amusing behavior never ceases to create a captivating juxtaposition between reality and expectation. From ‘Oye Hoye’ (great) to “Oye” (not so great), Oochi brings up his own amazing flavor to every situation even though he always finds himself at the wrong end of certain things.

Seeing Double? Oochi or Fawad, a battle begins!

Once again, the heartthrob of Pakistan Fawad Khan continues to challenge viewpoint of our nation. Oye Hoye’s campaign which is spread widely across Pakistan and is conveniently caught on the screens showing Fawad in double role for the very first time has charmed the audience.  More than one Fawad Khan puts double spark into the scene. It seems like there is not much difference between Oochi and Fawad Khan. It seems as if he has generated from somewhere in the inside of Fawad Khan’s own mind hand in hand with the chips brand Oye Hoye.

The comedic mastery of the hero is bearing comparison with days of Jutt and Bond when a juvenile Fawad incorporated smiles in the homes of Pakistani people. The scene is organized quite differently this time. Fawad Khan did wonders by not only delivering humor on point but also his physical comedy and body language brings about value to the screen which was never seen before. In fact, it genuinely made us say out loud “Oye Hoye!”

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The brand with a great touch of a class behind these creative advertisements “Oye Hoye” is known to challenge status quo. Being a young and fresh brand, we can witness that it is reflecting innovations in the huge market and challenging giants. Oye Hoye challenges the behemoth lays which is not an easy job but Oye Hoye has managed it in an applauding manner. It leverages their Pakistani spirit and brings some mouth watering national flavor to the game of potato chips.


Oye Hoye very well knows and portrays the idea that growing up is exaggerated, wasting time simply by thinking unnecessarily about tomorrow which is a mystery leads to nowhere; then why not refrain ourselves from being deadly serious and live the moment in hand completely and also do silly things as if no one is judging or acknowledging you and your existence. What sticks the audience to the screen is the dazzling trio of Oye Hoye, Fawad Khan and Oochi. Let’s see what new creations Oye Hoye brings to Pakistan. Whatever the innovation comes up to be, it will definitely be an Oye Hoye moment.

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