One Thing Sarah Khan Can Not Wait For

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For the 19th episode of Iftar Mulaqaat, Sarah Khan was the guest . The show is hosted by Hina Bayat and Chef Shai is the culinary expert on-board. Sarah had a very interesting discussion with Hina, she was honest as well ascomical with her replies.

She talked about her family, her exceptional cooking skills and her preferred shows. When we asked her about the one thing she couldn’t wait for she gave us a much unexpected reply!

My only interest is in getting married, I want to get married

Sarah can’t wait to get married and that’s the one thing she wants the most. When we prodded her further, she even told us the kind of guy she’s looking for.

He should be Tall and Handsome. Jokes apart, understanding and trust is what matter’s the most, love comes later on, respect is the key


That’s what this beautiful, talented and successful actress wants in her life partner. If this doesn’t show how simple and kind this girl is, nothing else will. Sarah can’t wait for her marriage and something tells us, with all the chores and cooking skills, she’s already prepared for that.

Stay tuned for more interesting details and stories about more of your favorite celebrities. Don’t forget to watch Iftar Mulaqaat daily at 6pm, only on Geo Kahani.

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