[Watch Video] Noor Bukhari confirms her marriage with Wali Hamid Ali Khan after two years

Film actress Noor Bukhari confirmed her marriage with singer Wali Hamid Khan and said the two had got married in 2014 and kept it secret with mutual understanding.

In media statement Noor Bukhari said:

“I was waiting for the right time to make announcement. Now, I have understood Wali in two years, so making my marriage public.”


Love between the actress and singer deepened on the set of film “Ishq Positive”, which has been released in July this year.

During all this time, the both, Noor and Wali, were seen together on trips to other cities and abroad. Rumors had already been circulating about their marriage but it was not yet confirmed by the couple.

Noor Bukhari started her career as a child star in 1990s. Her three marriages have previously ended in divorce. Her first marriage was with Vikram in 2008, second with director/producer Farooq Mengal and then third  with Awn Chaudhry in 2012.

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