All new Summer Collection by Pakistan’s very own Shoes brand Servis is out now

Servis has recently launched its new summer collection including their signature lines Ndure, Liza and ToZ – and which are now available at their store across Pakistan.

The new collection has been launched by the brand, with a TVC campaign titled Servis Shoes: Utaarney Ka Scene Hi Nahi.

The TVC shows various hip and youthful individuals in situations where one would take their shoes off, but in this case are so madly in love with their Servis shoes that shoe owners don’t take the shoes off – and are seen wearing the shoes to bed, while swimming and even while taking a bath!

With its multi-brand approach, constant innovation in design and up-to-date style trends, Servis has products for all age groups and personal tastes.

The new Servis summer collection is now available in stores nationwide. It can also be viewed online at:

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