Nabeel Thinks That It Is His Serious Responsibility To Make People Laugh

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For the 20th episode of Iftar Mulaqaat, Nabeel Zafar was the guest . Hina Bayat hosted the show and Chef Shai was the resident Chef with extraordinary culinary skills. Nabeel had a very pleasant but serious conversation with Hina.

Contrary to popular belief, this guys isn’t always funny and that’s what most of their conversation revolved around. Nabeel has been directing since year 2003 and even his acting career mostly revolved around serious roles.

“Out of my 25 years of my career I have spent 90% of my career in serious acting roles”

When we asked him how he managed to be such an amazing comedian after all that serious acting, he said that it’s almost the same thing. Being a comedian is all about seriously being empathic and understating the audience.

“Comedy is a very serious business”

Nabeel felt that in today’s stressful times, it’s very easy to cause tension and stress but it’s very difficult to spread happiness and good vibes. Nabeel believes it’s important to make others happy and feeling genuinely responsible for that, he’s doing his part in making that happen for people.

“It’s easier to make someone cry rather than to make them laugh”

Nabeel said that the media has a huge responsibility to the audience and every actor, director, write and producer should do their part as responsible humans. Nabeel spreads smiles and laughter with his acting and that’s a reason for pride!

“Media has a control over many aspects, as well as responsibilities”

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