Meri Shaan, Mera Pakistan campaign by EFU Life is turning walls in to art

Art is an important tool of expression and it also expresses the way of life & the taste of humans. That is why the way cities look describe how the citizens would be. If a city depicts gloomy image through its architect, streets, walls, and environment the citizens won’t be a happy image either, that is why art needs to take over and paint the picture in happy colors.

Pakistan’s largest city – Karachi –  has been under the air where walls used to haunt be it because of political slogans or the advertisements it was not a pleasing image at all. Lately, there has been a moment to regain the ownership of the city and started filling the gloomy spots with art and spirit of the city.

One such movement is Meri Shan, Mera Pakistan. In 2016, EFU Life started ‘Meri Shaan Mera Pakistan’ and the movement took-over two wall projects in Karachi, as it beautified Ayesha Manzil and NCC Sports Complex.

This year EFU Life extended this campaign to a third location, the Aga Khan Park, Garden East Karachi. ‘Meri Shaan Mera Pakistan’ is a CSR initiative by EFU Life in collaboration with Commissioner Karachi and the campaign adds to the spirit of patriotism and highlights the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan. EFU Life has joined hands with ‘Abdoz Arts’ on this project. Abdoz Arts is an organization which aims to reclaim the public spaces of Pakistan through fine arts.

At the Inauguration ceremony of this years’ wall Mr.Taher G Sachak, MD & CEO, EFU Life said

‘I take this opportunity to thank Mr.Ejaz Ahmed Khan, Commissioner Karachi and his team for their support, and commitment in partnering with us to make this project a success. He emphasized that we as Pakistani’s need to take ownership and responsibility for our country. What makes this campaign truly unique is not only the underlying message of patriotism but the involvement of the youth, with active participation from the students of different universities to execute the project. He also added, that ‘the company is further exploring avenues of executing such projects in other parts of the country. ‘

Mr.Ejaz Ahmed Khan, Commissioner Karachi also shared his feelings as he said:

“Such beautification projects are essential for enhancing the aesthetic aspect of the city.  Aga Khan Park is the third project that we have collaborated on with EFU Life and other corporate entities must come forward and take a disciplined approach to CSR initiatives. I urge all stakeholders to join hands with the administration to bring back colors to the city of light.’

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