Marrium Ali joined Dunya News Network
Marrium Ali joined Dunya News Network
Marrium Ali joined Dunya News Network

One of the most promising news anchors and former face of 24 News HD, Marrium Ali has left Mohsin Naqvi group to join Dunya News Network. Marrium has joined the network for the national news channel.

Marrium Ali broke this news on her social media:


While talking to MediaSpring PK Marrium Ali said,

“I have always been after the best opportinuty that can be learning as well as growth oriented for me. I am really very excited to join Dunya News. And so far the experience is great as everyone is treating me so well and the atmosphare is really very professional.“

Marrium Ali holds an MSc degree in Communication Studies from Punjab University. She started her career in News Media with DM News in 2013, and later joined 92 News HD. Earlier this year Marrium joined Mohisn Naqvi Group and became part of Channel 24 as face of 24 News.

In late November 2016, Marrium resigned from 24 News HD. Now Marrium is part of Dunya News Network.


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