Maria Wasti Shares in Iftar Mulaqaat that she didn’t want to become a host

Maria Wasti Shares in Iftar Mulaqaat that she didn’t want to become a host

Iftar Mulaqaat is hosted by the ever graceful Hina Khawaja Bayat who invites a different celebrity on set each day! For their 11th episode, Maria Wasti was the guest of honor and she had a very pleasant conversation with Hina.


Maria herself is used to hosting a show and is a successful actress who is loved for her performance. What’s strange is the fact that Maria never planned to become a host. For her, it just happened.

“I never considered myself to be a morning show host”

Maria in the beginning stages of her hosting believed that she didn’t have the talent to host a show but she tried her best.

“What ever you chose to do you must have knowledge about it”

Maria has a long list of successful dramas that she acted in and was best known for turning controversial, unglamorous character into pieces of art. She had a way of breathing life and developed the viewer’s interest in an otherwise dull character but when it comes to movies Maria hasn’t done any except one.

When people used to ask me why I dont do a film. My reply used to be that I do not have enough talent.


When Maria was asked about the current project she is working on, she said she had her reservations in the beginning but being forthright helped her in working things out.

Whenever you do these kinds of shows you should always have a panel of a few people who ensure research and quality in terms of the content you’re going to share with the audience. The people I’m working with I didn’t pressurize them, I told them straight up that I don’t know anything about ratings. That’s the only reason I considered that show. And they’re comfortable with that


There’s much more and lots of surprises on Iftar Mulaqaat daily at 6pm only on Geo Kahani.

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