Leaked audio of Gharidah Farooqi, hinting that she commits Child Abuse at Home?

The renowned News & TV anchor Gharidah Farooqi is alleged about the abuse of the maid. The 15 years old child girl stays at her home. A leaked phone call has hinted that, Gharida is keeping her housemaid Sonia under unlawful custody and is refusing to let her go with her parents.

Earlier today, Monday a leaked phone call came out and went viral on social media. In this leaked audio, Gharidah is heard using foul language against the woman who is asking the anchor to let the girl go with her parents. The caller says that Gharida bets the maid child and does not allow her to meet with her parents alone.

Listen Audio:

This is also the case of child labor as the said girl, Sonia, is only 15 years old. This brings up a sad reality of Pakistani society that many educated people across the country are involved in such illegal practices knowingly.

While Gharidah Farooqi has yet to make any comment on the audio, it is pertinent to mention that the audio is yet to be forensically tested to verify that if the voice in the leaked audio call is Gharida’s original voice or otherwise.

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