Interview with the talented actress Saman Ansari about her upcoming play, Romeo Weds Heer

Saman Ansari is a known name now when it comes to acting talent and display of skills on screen. She has shown her mettle with every performance she has given on TV thus far. He next project for TV is a comedy role in Romeo Weds Heer.

We talked to this acting powerhouse about her upcoming TV play – Romeo Weds Heer, her future plans and a little bit about her entrepreneurial venture. Here is what this lovely and humble lady had to say in response to our questions.

  1. The first look of your TV play Romeo Weds Heer looks impressive; tell us more about this drama serial the team, the story. What to expect from this drama serial?

Saman: The drama is impressive indeed! Megastar cast, romantic comedy reflecting social issues, awesome script, and a brilliant director.

  1. What was one factor that made you sign Romeo Weds Heer?

Saman: I wanted to explore the genre of comedy- It was perfect, the character was made for me!

  1. Tell us about your character, who is she; did it challenge your acting skills?

Saman: Over the top, elitist, controlling, sometimes blonde, loving mother successful plastic surgeon. And yes it was challenging at many levels. I had to raise the pitch of my voice, talk at the speed of a train gone out of control and present highly exaggerated body language without looking like a goof!

  1. You have done an impressive job with your work in the past; we have seen you in serious and composed roles. However, Romeo Weds Heer seems to be a comic role. How are you managing it? And is it your move to come out of typecasting?

Saman: Saman Ansari will never be typecast Insh-Allah! I will always try out every possible modification of character design from serious to shrewd to loving to comic. As an actor that is what will keep raising the bar of performance for me. My mentor, my director Anjum Shahzad is the one who helped me immensely in bringing the character of Dr. Shahnaz to life in Romeo Weds Heer.

  1. You are an entrepreneur as well; tell us about that venture of yours? You are a celebrity does that factor add an advantage to your entrepreneurial role?

Saman: I am a professional MAC Pro artist and makeup trainer. I have collaborated with Mint Salons in Karachi to train their staff in professional makeup skills and I offer bridal makeup services there.

No being a celebrity has no impact or advantage. People are wise, they have many options to choose from and when investing or spending money they will always select the best service or product for its price.

  1. Coming back to RWH – Any particular moment from the TV play or any incident on the sets of Romeo Weds Heer that you would like to share with us?

Saman: Jee Jee- Comedy. Sigh! Second day of shoot. I am to make a hasty exit wearing oversized gharara pants, 6 inch high stilletoes on a freshly polished marble floor. Can you see where this is going. Look, it’s a bird, it’s a plane no its Saman Ansari flying through the sent and crash landing face down on her head! 15 second silence on set, entire team frozen in time… then Saman jumps right up and says ‘re-take please?’

Ended up with badly bruised knees and a sprained wrist but as they say bachat ho gaee!­­

  1. Who is your favorite character, besides yours, in the TV Drama Serial, Romeo Weds Heer?

Saman: The character of Aflatoon played by Ali Rizvi (of Chupan Chupai fame) as the brother of heer.

  1. What is one particular thing about Romeo Weds Heer that you think the audience will like the most?

Saman: It is truly funny, it’s sans adult humor so family friendly, it reflects on multiple social issues, it has glamor and love and a grand cast directed by a maestro!

  1. Would you like to tell us about your future plans? Is there any dream role that Saman Ansari would like to play?

Saman: Let the future be unknown so when it becomes the present it is a commendable surprise 😉

I would love to play a role of a spy. Conspiracy, action, sleek lethal elegance. Think Bond or Bourne but a female version.

  1. Any message for your fans and readers of MediaSpring Pk?

Saman: Thank you all truly for your support and critique, you are what makes a celebrity a truly celebrated person. Keep those comments coming but please do try to be constructive in your criticism and wise in your choice of words as remember, what you write is a reflection of you as an ambassador of your country in the global reach of social media!

And Media Spring PK, keep up the perfectly balanced job of promoting both established and upcoming talents. Bravo.


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