Exclusive Interview with Face of News @ 9 on ARY News and Very Gorgeous Summaiya Rizwan

Exclusive Interview with Face of News @ 9 on ARY News and Very Gorgeous Summaiya Rizwan
Exclusive Interview with Face of News @ 9 on ARY News and Very Gorgeous Summaiya Rizwan

Summaiya Rizwan is one of the three main faces of News @ 9 on ARY News, she has been part of Pakistani news media industry for nearly a decade as broadcast journalist and newscaster. The news anchor is not just gorgeous but also very competent when it comes to her profession. A working women, a mother, and an ace news anchor Summaiya plays many roles in one day. Team MediaSpring PK got chance to speak to Summaiya Rizwan for this interview and we really find her very friendly, humble, cooperative, and sweet person.

Here is the what very gorgeous and apt news anchor Summaiya Rizwan said in the exclusive interview:

  1. Were you always attracted to journalism and media and when did you realize that a career as a media person was for you?

Summaiya Rizwan: I can say it was certainly an accident that I came in media, it happened quite randomly. A very few people know that I joined media industry after my marriage 9 years ago. I remember that i discussed with my husband journalism I heard about an opening in PTV he supported my plan and that is how a long and exciting journey started.  Back in early 2006, I joined PTV as newscaster as my first stint in the media, I must say Pakistan Television was my school and training center.

  1. Tell us something about your educational back ground, and to what extent do you think your education and your academic degree has helped you in your career?

Summaiya Rizwan: Hmm actually I completed my bachelor’s after marriage because I got married at the age of 19. I did my BSc in zoology. I can say that yes degree is important and it helps an individual but in my case my experience has helped me more and of course luck has been on my side too 🙂 I am firm believer of luck.

  1. Getting married at tender age of 19, then completing your degree and then joining media, switching roles from working women to a wife, homemaker, and mother… how challenging and difficult it all is?

Summaiya Rizwan: It was really challenging for me and I love challenges there fore it is not and was never difficult as I just said that I faced it like a challenger.

  1. Tell us something about your family, which city are you from, how many family members are there in your family, how supportive your family is about your career and work. And how much do you think family support is important?

Summaiya Rizwan: I am from Karachi and I have MashAllah three kids Allah. So in my family I have my three handsome boys and my husband. My husband  is very supportive, whatever I am today it is all because of him. And yes family support is indeed very important.

  1. What part of your work you find the most challenging and which one you enjoyed the most?

Summaiya Rizwan: I enjoyed every bit of my work so far. In the beginning when I was on field or cover social issues that was a bit challenging for me but it was a learning experience. What I love is cross questioning I have to admit I enjoy to ask grilling questions.

  1. Who is your source of inspiration?

Summaiya Rizwan: I must say Shaista Zaid has inspired me a lot. The way she carried out newscast is a benchmark unlike us from the urrent  lot who is vicitm of rattings’ vicious circle. The way Shaista Zaid carried herself was really cool, actually that is the truest style of reading news.

  1. Sometimes listening to a bad news devastates our day, I am sure reading a bad news must have an effect on a news anchor too how do you coup up with that?

Summaiya Rizwan: The sad incident of Army Public School Peshwar is one of that examples, in fact we all are effected by these type of news I can’t sleep after reading news about blasts as sometimes behind the scene in the newsroom we get to see event those footages which can not go on air. It is unfortunate that these days mostly bad news takes over whole bulletin.

  1. How important do you think a healthy rivalry is among the fellow news anchors, do you think anyone as your rival (heathy/professional rival of course)?

Summaiya Rizwan: I would say no as we work as friends, I usually discus topics before news with my fellow newscaster. And most of the times Salman, Neelum and I help each other in linking the story. Actually it never crossed my mind that I am in competition with anyone. Perhaps I am my own competition 🙂

As long as friendship is concern I am friendly with everyone dont take anyone as my rival.

  1. Keeping other update about what is going on around the world is a hectic job, what is your favorite off time activity?

Summaiya Rizwan: My hobby is reading books and yes off course I love to shop 🙂 like every women when I am free I must go for shopping

  1. How much do you think study and personal research is important for a news anchor?

Summaiya Rizwan: Reading is really important for a news anchors beacese when you have knowledge about a topic you can handle it better. Therefore, I try to read at least four newspapers and news website in a day, and when I have time I read columns or adotorial page as well. In columnists I like to read Ata ul Haq Qasimi, Hamid Mir, Javeed Chaudhry, and Rauf Kilasra. However, Wuasat Ullah Khan and Ata ul haq Qasami they both are my most favorite.

  1. We have seen couple of examples from Pakistani news media that some news anchors shifted to modeling and acting do you have any such plans or have you ever got any acting or modeling offer?

Summaiya Rizwan: No I have no plan but yest I do get offers in fact I had done a TVC of a glucose biscuit brand last year. But yes I do not have any plan of switching to showbiz from broadcast journalism.

  1. Define your personal style in three words

Summaiya Rizwan: Simple, friendly, and classy:)

  1. Your favorite film? Favorite song (if any)

Summaiya Rizwan: DDLJ is my all time favorite, there is no one particular song as it depends on mood actually.

  1. With the arrival and rise of social media among the Pakistani internet users how much do you think it has changed us in terms of being aware and is social media helping you in your profession if yes then in what way?

Summaiya Rizwan: The role of social media is important and not very important at the same time. As it is important to get more details about what is going around but as sometimes it also exaggerates the situation that aspect kills the importance the platform has.

  1. Any tip of message you would like to give to the people who want to join news media as journalist or news anchor

Summaiya Rizwan: I would say that be natural, having said that reading is very important one should never forget that, the good anchor is the one has good knowledge.

  1. Tough “Selfies” have taken over autograph, but have you ever asked for an autograph how did it feel when you gave your first autograph as news anchor/media personality?

Summaiya Rizwan: Well it is true that selfies and photographs has taken over the tradition of autograph, I myself has no experience of giving an autograph but yes I do get requests of photographs and selfies when any viewer or fan meets.

  1. What are future plans of ‘Summaiya Rizwan’?

Summaiya Rizwan: For a working mother future plans have a strong element of children to be kept in mind. I have been doing newscast for nearly ten years now and I have enjoyed it. For my future plan I would like to have a change. That does not mean that I am planning to go off air or behind the scene but the plan instead is to move towards anchoring a show especially the one that airs may be twice or thrice a week.

  1. Any message for your fans?

Summaiya Rizwan: You call it a message or a request but I really want to urge those fans, who somehow share our pictures and even start using our pictures as their display pictures, to stop doing this as it is really worrisome because without our knowledge we end up seeing our pictures being shared everywhere and sometimes personal pictures too are not spared. On an other note I truly feel honoured and humbled because of the love and respect I always get from viewers or fans through messages, email, or even personally too. One more thing as many youngsters ask me to give them tips about joining the media industry – for them I would say that study is very important complete your degree, work on your knowledge and dialect for broadcast journalism, and above all never disconnect yourself from reading.

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