[Interview] 14 Questions with very gorgeous and proficient news anchor Sadaf Abdul Jabbar


Sadaf Jabbar, is perhaps one of the most prominent faces and names of ARY News for many years. She was key part of channels Newscast team and then she started to host her own show. In 2014, she left ARY News and had stint at Bol and Captial TV. However, she had a homecoming last year and now she is integral part of News@3 and News@6 on ARY News.

A few weeks ago team MediaSpring PK got chance to speak to the gorgeous lady, and here is what she had to say:

1. Were you always attracted to journalism and media and when did you realize that a career as a media person was for you? Tell us how it all started

Sadaf: I did have a good know how about politics as I’ve always seen my parents discussing news and reading the newspaper, so we had that kind of an environment at home. I never thought that there will come a day when I will in broadcast journalism but yes I used to sit in front of mirror n read out news from paper.

2. Tell us something about your educational background, and to what extent do you think your education and your academic degree has helped you in your career?

Sadaf: I have a masters degree in English literature. I remember people used to make remarks that I can only become a lecturer or teacher, as what else one can become with a degree in literature in the sort of society we live in. Interestingly, the lectureship was quite fascinating to me but I was not sure if I really want to put my feet in the field. I used to love literature, in fact, I still do. I think it has made me understand human psyche it is more humane gives perspective about life. Okay, I guess I will keep talking about literature and will not be able to stop. So, the answer to your question yes an educated person has more confidence and is more pragmatic.
3. Tell us something about your family, which city are you from, how many family members are there in your family, how supportive your family is about your career and work. And how much do you think family support is important?

Sadaf: Whatever I am today is because of my family especially my mother. She is my biggest supporter and worst critic as well. I am from Karachi and I have two sisters and a brother.

4. You have done both, news casting and anchoring of news show, which one you enjoy more and which you find most challenging?

Sadaf: I have done news anchoring, TV show hosting, on field reporting but I find TV show hosting most challenging as the show you host becomes your identity, your product and then you need to strive hard to maintain it.
5. Sometimes listening to a bad news devastates our day, I am sure reading a bad news must have an effect on a news anchor to how do you coup up with that?

Sadaf: Yes, our job looks so fascinating but in reality, it is not. Sometimes it gets so depressing, I can tell you a number of incidents which made me cry or has made me upset over so many days. It is hard to break a sad news to our viewers we have to b calm and composed. That is what we are told and trained to do but at the end of the day, we are also a human. To get out of this depressing mood I do things I enjoy such as going for a long driving, spend time with my family, cooking, reading, and on my off days I try my best to avoid the news.
6. How important do you think a healthy rivalry is among the fellow news anchors, do you think anyone as your rival (heathy/professional rival of course)?

Sadaf: It is very important but I will not call it rivalry I would call it a competition.

Unless we have people good enough to compete with we tend to become boring mundane and we will start taking things lightly. This attitude never lets one really grow. These days I think that I am my own competition I want to become a better person, and a News Show host as I was a year ago.

7. Do you like reading books, if yes then what type of books? Also how much do you think study and personal research is important for a news anchor?

Sadaf: I love reading novels, classic literature, history books, and political views.

News media is all about research, new information, and detailed analysis so it is part & parcel. We do not get good sense of news unless we devour newspaper watch talk shows and do our own research

8. We have seen a couple of examples from Pakistani news media that some news anchors shifted to modeling and acting do you have any such plans or have you ever got any acting or modeling offer?

Sadaf: I have not been offered any such project yet but if I get any I would consider it. I think acting is quite a difficult thing to do. It is full of expression and liveliness it requires you to have acute passion for it

9. Define your personal style in three words

Sadaf: Trendy, bohemian, and simple


10. With the arrival and rise of social media among the Pakistani internet users, how much do you think it has changed us in terms of being aware and is social media helping you in your profession if yes then in what way?

Sadaf: Social media is tremendous now you get the news first from social media than from TV. you do not have to be a TV actor or a news personality if you are active  on social media space you are a celebrity in your own capacity, for example, so many people on Instagram we follow for the know-how of fashion. Same goes for twitter where political views are in abundance. Apart from joke I find twitter in pk too much politicized

11. Tough “Selfies” have taken over an autograph, but have you ever asked for an autograph how did it feel when you gave your first autograph as news anchor/media personality?

Sadaf: People often say ‘hey look she is Sadaf Abdul Jabbar’ or ‘she is from ARY News‘. Nowadays they prefer selfie. Well, when I gave my first autograph I was so happy and amused it was like i wanted to pat my back and say ‘hey Sadaf you are getting famous!‘ 😀
12. Most memorable news that you ever read as a news anchor, and any news that you regretted to read on a news bulletin?

Sadaf: There are a number of incidents from Marriot blast to mothers children burnt alive in a slum to numerous incident of reporting bomb blast. it’s APS which I still can not come out of, I was taking public opinion – basically, we arranged a show to give the msg that we are not weak, we are as strong as ever. A mother of a child came to me and said that her son is not going school because he is too scared to go to school and asks if they are going to kill us too for going to school? That was the moment when I could not control and burst into tears. I had to take break from the broadcast then for few minutes

13. What are future plans of ‘Sadaf Abdul Jabbar’?

Sadaf: Ah my future plans. Well, I want to have my own news show and I just want to excel in the field of broadcast journalism

14. Any message for your fans and readers of MediaSpring PK?

Sadaf: My message would be that we all should practice more tolerance and have a positive approach. We should not be judgemental about people and things. Live and let live should be the motto.

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