[Interview] Ramsha Kanwal talks about her Ramazan Transmission – Ramazan Ishq Hay

Ramsha Kanwal who made her Ramazan transmission debut last year is going to host the transmission this year too. Ramsha Kanwal will be hosting the Sehri leg of Ramazan Ishq Hay on 24 News HD.

Team MediaSpring PK got a chance to speak to this allrounder anchor and TV presenter and here is what Ramsha Kanwal had to say:

  1. How different is Ramazan transmission is going to be as compared to last year, and how was the experience of hosting it last year?

Ramsha: As compared to last year, the Ramazan Transmission of 24 News HD, Ramazan Ishq Hay is going to bigger and there will be a lot more to offer to our viewers this year in terms of content. Last year it was my maiden Ramazan transmission and it was a challenge. I am glad that it went well.

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  1. Can you please tell what aspect was the most challenging?

Ramsha: It was very challenging experience last year, because Ramazan is very important and everyone glues to the TV to watch Ramazan transmission with hope of learn religion. I believe that it is great deal of responsibility when one is on screen and supposed to talk about Quran & Sunnah, one cannot just do that there is a great deal of preparation and solid understanding behind it.

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  1. There is a lot of voice, especially on social media, that what makes an anchor qualified to host such show, they believe that how can these anchors teach religion?

Ramsha: Yes I have heard that and faced the criticism too, there is a perception –especially when it comes to female anchors and TV hosts – that the TV anchor or the show host is there to teach Ramazan i.e. how to spend this holly month. I would like to use this space to clarify that we anchors are also students of religion and when we are sitting there in the show we are learning it too from the experts and scholars who are the guests on the show. The anchorperson is to conduct the show they are not there to teach you something themselves they are there to be a source that can drive the information and give it to you.  If I speak for myself, I am not going to teach you about religion at all as I am not qualified for that. Rather, I will be seeking knowledge through it myself and try to rectify myself.

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  1. How can a TV host take best out of a Ramazan Transmission?

Ramsha: As I just said we are part of the show as hosts but at the same time we are learning too. So the best thing a TV host or anchorperson can take from such show or transmission is to enhance their knowledge. They must be keen towards learning and try to figure things out for ourselves and seek guidance from the experts we have on the show.

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  1. What is your aim or motto as host of this Ramazan transmission?

Ramsha: Honestly, the aim and motto is to learn more about the religion and try to rectify myself, in due course be a valuable source that can take ask right questions to drive information from the expert and spread it among the viewers. Having said that, another aim is to correct the perception masses have, especially on social media, about the TV anchors as Ramadan transmission hosts – the perception I have talked about earlier needs to be rectified and I aim to play my part in the process of rectification.

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  1. Any message for your fans/viewers and readers of MediaSpring PK

Ramsha: Yes, I would request for best wishes and prayers as we need those a lot to perform the responsibility of Ramazan transmission. With your best wishes and valuable feedback we will surely be able to conduct a worthwhile show and transmission.

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