[Interview] Mehrunisa of Mehrunisa V Lub U – Sana Javed

One of the most impressive faces of our TV industry Sana Javed is now setting her foot in the film industry with her forthcoming film, Mehrunisa V Lub U. Team MediaSpring PK conducted an interview with the sensation of the Pakistan’s entertainment industry, Sana Javed.

Here is what Sana had to say in response to our questions:

MediaSpring PK: What was the factor that becomes the reason for you to sign this film?

Sana: I personally believe that no matter how much well written the script is, it’s always the director’s dedication. So the reputation of Yasir Nawaz as director was the reason for me to sign this film plus I like the title, my character and script. The overall characters of the movie are interesting from script, caste to director.

MediaSpring PK: Tell us about your character in the film?

Sana: My character in the film is of a sweet, lovable girl, Mehrunisa, who melts everyone’s heart with simplicity, from her father to her in-laws everybody loves her. Mehrunisa becomes the reason to bring the change in the society they are living in.

MediaSpring PK: So, how is your current role different from the previous one?

Sana: I’ve been working in dramas before so that was quite different experience as compared to my earlier work. In fact, it is entirely different TV is like everyday medium films are larger than life, for instance, I have never done the dance on TV but it was a requirement of the film.

MediaSpring PK: How challenging this was for you?

Sana: In the start, I felt nervous but then all thanks to Yasir Nawaz who gave me enough courage and as the time passed by we started feeling like a family. I would also like to may regards to my makeup artist who supported me a lot.

MediaSpring PK: Would you like to share any interesting incident about this film?

Sana: There were many incidents. Since that was a snowy area so falling and breathing issue was usual. And then while shooting in Mansehra near a mental asylum one inmate of the asylum showed up on the sets and was insisting on dancing with me, it was one interesting yet scary situation that we delt with smartly.

MediaSpring PK: Sana as a film star or Sana as a TV star?

Sana: Both.  It is because of TV that I have fame so that’s why I can’t leave TV. Adding more to this, TV has much more scope in Pakistan.

MediaSpring PK: How did you come up with the plan of working in a film? Were you waiting for it?

Sana: Nah! As such I wasn’t waiting for it. But as it is the last desire of every actor to work in a film. So when I got the offer of such a great film, I accepted it.

MediaSpring PK: What is basically the idea behind the film?

Sana: This film has entertainment, romance, action, dance, comedy and almost everything that people look for in a film generally.

MediaSpring PK: How do you see this film industry in Pakistan since it has evolved recently in 2013?

Sana: I think that’s a good initiative. Everyone is doing their best to cope with the modern trends in film industry.

MediaSpring PK: How is your character, Mehrunisa different from you personally?

Sana: Actually it’s very different in the sense that she is a simple girls who belongs to a small city. But there are a few shades of her that I find in myself too.

MediaSpring PK: Any message for our readers?

Sana: Yes! Our film Mehrunisa is going to release on Eid-ul-Fitter. So you guys should go and watch this entertaining film. You will enjoy it. It is a family film, you’ll be entertained. So guys what are you waiting for! Go and grab your tickets.

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