[Interview] The leading man of Mehrunisa V Lub U – Danish Taimoor

The dazzling star of Pakistan’s entertainment industry, Danish Taimoor is in all limelight these days for his forthcoming film Mehrunisa V Lub U. Team Media Spring PK had a chance to meet this handsome hunk and have a gup shap with him. Here is what Danish Taimoor has to say about his film and his overall experience.

MediaSpring PK: Hello Danish! Would you like to share the reason for signing this film?

Danish: One of the reason was that Yasir Nawaz was directing it. The script was also interesting so I signed it.

MediaSpring PK: Tell us about how challenging was your character?

Danish: It’s really interesting to work with Yasir because he always gives new turns to acting. A lot of rehearsals and script reading practices were done at that time. Overall it was a quite good experience.

MediaSpring PK: So Danish, how is this role different from the previous one?

Danish: The last role was more sort of a comedy one. But this role highlights the life of a lovable guy who came from abroad and couldn’t digest the difference that was the reason that Pakistan was lagging behind other countries. So my role basically highlights the changes he brought.

MediaSpring PK: What do think is better, Danish in Wrong No. or Danish in Mehrunisa? And Why?

Danish: I would definitely say Danish in Mehrunisa. Because in Wrong Number I was doing comedy that I had already done in TV.

MediaSpring PK: Well, would you like to tell us about any interesting unforgettable incident from the rehearsals?

Danish: Yes! There were many incidents that are still captured in my mind. Enjoying moments with the rest of the characters of the film was fun. We started feeling like a family in no time. Waking up early, late night shoots, spending whole day together was quite unforgettable time. We used to bring bat and ball during the break hours we enjoy those moments playing cricket.

MediaSpring PK: Tell us about your film?

Danish: The work on such script of this film is never seen anywhere in Bollywood or in Lollywood. The script uses the lighter mode to give a message to turn the attention of our people to things they don’t bother. Also, viewers would enjoy watching it along with understanding the message.

MediaSpring PK: Tell us about the music of the film? And your favourite song?

Danish:  Aha! Tu hi Tu is my favorite song by Sukhwinder Singh, composed by Simaab Sen. For the first time in the history of Pakistani films the lyrics were written by Gulzar wholeheartedly and didn’t charge for it and he gifted it to Pakistan. I was a great honour for me.

MediaSpring PK: Danish as a TV star or as a film star? And Why?

Danish: As a film star! I haven’t been going on TV since 2014. Because I’ve been busy with my films. And I think film star must be exclusive.

MediaSpring PK: How is experience working in films different from TV?

Danish: It is altogether different from TV. The reason is inonV you have to be realistic while on film you can be wild, you need to clarify your expressions.

MediaSpring PK: So what is your next plan after films and TV?

Danish: Many people asks me what’s your plan. Actually it’s not my plan I follow the plans of Allah Almighty. I wish to direct a film in future for Pakistan.

MediaSpring PK: What message you want to give to our readers about your film?

Danish:  It would highly recommend you all to go and watch this film. We have worked very hard on this. It’s a family film and you’ll enjoy it.  


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