[Interview] Chit Chat with Samiya of Hatheli AKA Kiran Tabeer
[Interview] Chit Chat with Samiya of Hatheli AKA Kiran Tabeer
Chit Chat with Samiya of Hatheli AKA Kiran Tabeer

Kiran Tabeer is certainly a renowned name now, started her career as TV host the lively girl who appeared on ‘Hum Sab Umeed Say Hain’ a few years ago has established herself as a TV host and actress & next month with release of her film she will also add the feather of movie star to her cap.

These days Kiran can be seen as Samiya in HUM TV’s drama serial, Hatheli. The drama serial is based on various social issues of Pakistani society and mainly spins around the concept of Halala. We got chance to speak to Kiran Tabeer last week about her role and here is what Samiya of Hatheli AKA Kiran Tabeer had to say:

The trailer and promo of your serial Hatheli look promising what was one factor that made you sign this TV Play?

Kiran: The only reason and motivational factor for me to sign this role was the fact that it was a difficult role to play. However, at the same time, I had a lot of performance margin. It is a strong and tough character, something that I love to portray on screen. I signed the TV play Hatheli thinking that this role will definitely give me a chance to enhance and express my acting skills.


Tell us about your character, how is she as a character did she challenge Kiran Tabeer as a character?

Kiran: The name of my character is Samiya, she is a very nice girl, well educated and she is very loving and caring person but the only problem with her is that she suffers from fits, hence she is not accepted in the society the way any normal human being is. That becomes a major hurdle for her getting married and this eventually starts causing a negative impact on her and make her bitter & aggressive. Ultimately. she decides that she will make her life decisions, this is the kind of struggle you will see Samiya (Kiran Tabeer) doing in Hatheli.

How is this character different than your previous roles

Kiran: Off course, this is entirely different than the previous characters that I have played. I had to put a lot of effort in it, as I never played role of any kind of ailing girl, on top of it in this play I had to play role of a girl who is suffering from the issue of fits, this was indeed a difficult task for me as there are various mood jumps in the role in a moment Samiya is happy and positive but in a flick of second she turns utterly negative. I believe that I have given my best to this role and hope audience like it.

Your favourite character in Hatheli?

Kiran: It goes without saying that my own character in this play is my favourite besides that my favourite character in Hatheli is Irfan played by Hassan Ahmed. I like this character because, just like mine,  it also has many variations.

Hassan Ahmed and Kiran Tabeer on Jago Pakistan Jago for the Promotions of Hatheli (P.C. JPJ Fb page)
Hassan Ahmed and Kiran Tabeer on Jago Pakistan Jago for the Promotions of Hatheli (P.C. JPJ Fb page)

Who do you like most Kiran Tabeer as TV actress or TV Hosts?

Kiran: I started my career as a TV host so that aspect of my life will always be dear to me but if you would like to know what I enjoy the most, the answer would be acting. I love acting because it gives the chance to live and experience life of a character which is someone else other than one’s own self.

What is one particular thing about Hatheli that you think the audience will like the most?

Kiran: There are many things in Hatheli that viewers of this TV drama would like and ponder upon especially those small but important social messages embedded in the plot.

I believe we will truly achieve the objective of making this drama serial if anyone will give thought to the mistakes characters of Hatheli made in the drama and try not to commit them in their lives.

Picture Courtesy: Hatheli FB Page
Picture Courtesy: Hatheli FB Page

Any message for your fans and readers of MediaSpring Pk?

Kiran:  My message for fans is to keep watching our work, keep giving your feedback, and keep loving us as we do a lot of hard work to entertain you and your feedback means a lot to us. And of course always stay happy 🙂

And for MediaSpring PK my message is that your team is doing a good job our media and entertainment industry need support from people like you and I really am thankful to Team MediaSpring Pk for always supporting Pakistani Dramas, keep up the good work.

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