[Interview] Filmstar Sana talks about her maga TV project – Alif Allah aur Insan
Filmstar Sana talks about her mega TV project – Alif Allah aur Insan

Sana Fakhar (A.K.A. Sana Nawaz) is a renowned name because of her performance powerhouse image. She has always been a star no matter if it’s films or TV, she always adds depth and grace to the role she plays. Recently she has shifted more focus on TV and done some amazing roles.

These days Sana is busy with various projects for TV, most noteworthy is her forthcoming TV play Alif Allah aur Insan based on renowned Urdu Novel by Qaisra Hayat. This drama serial is directed by Ahson Talish and going to be aired on HUM TV. Team MediaSpring PK requested Sana for an interview about this project and she was sweet enough to give time for it. So here it is, here is what Sana had to say about her future plans and this mega project Ali Allah Aur Insan

1. There is quite a buzz on social media about your new drama serial Alif Allah aur Insan, but what was one factor that made you sign this TV serial?

Sana: The character I would say, it is quite a challenging role and very different than what I have done so far on TV. I always aspire to experiment with new stuff and look for the work that has a lot of space for the performance, which can challenge me and my acting ability. Alif Allah aur Insan was a performance consuming project now it is up to the audience how they like and share their verdict on if I have done justice with the role.

 2. Tell us something about the serial Alif Allah aur Insan, considering the title what areas it is about?

Sana: It is about humanity. It is based on the novel of the same name. It was a unique novel touching many thought provoking points we have tried to show that on the screen in this TV Drama. Hum TV is reputed for presenting quality dramas with a subtle unique aspect so is this drama serial, Alif Allah aur Insaan.

3. Tell us about your role, who is she? How is she as a character? Did she challenge acting skills of Sana Fakhar?

Sana: For me as an actor it is always a challenge to portray a character because I have to live and present a life in front of the camera that is not my own, that is always a challenging part. Moreover, I always look forward to such roles that give tough time to “Sana” as an actor. I will definitely not going to reveal the story as of yet but as far as character is concerned it has many shades.

It is a glamorous role with loads of emotions. The name of the character is Nigar. Nigar is beautiful, she has a persona, she is a strong headed woman as well as a broken woman. Hopefully, viewers will love Nigar.

4. How is this role different than your previous roles you have performed on TV?

Sana: It indeed is a different role as compared to my previous work on TV. Actually, it is quite a filmy role. I once did a play called Gath Jorh the role in that play was slightly similar to this one but the presentation and the story around the character of Nigar is very different.

Ahsan Talish has directed it so well. The play has three tracks and Nigar is one of those.


 5. Any particular moment from the serial or any incident on the sets of Alif Allah Aur Insan that you would like to share with us?

Sana: There is no any particular incident, although the whole team was professional and everything was on time and overall it was great experience. The teamwork was very strong which made the whole experience a worthwhile one.

6. Who is your favourite character, besides yours, in the serial?

Sana: Well, I guess the role Ushna Shah is playing in the play is the one I would mention here. It is one role beside mine that has excited me. Ushna has a very strong character to play in Alif Allah aur Insan and she is doing a brilliant job with that.

7. What is one particular thing about Alif Allah aur Insan that you think the audience will like the most?

Sana: I guess viewers will like the serial overall because the presentation and making of the play is quite new and fresh. My hopes are high, let’s see how viewers respond to us.

8. What are future plans now? Is big screen in the cards?

Sana: As you know I had done Hijrat the film and also did a special appearance in Ishq Positive. I am basically an actor, this is my profession and my job is to act whether it is a film of television. Having said that, I feel that TV today has become a bigger medium, some of the TV drama serials are huge in fact they are bigger than the Films. Moreover, I am enjoying my stint in TV a lot.

9. Any message for your fans and readers of MediaSpring Pk?

Sana: I do not have any message, I rather have a request. People these days tend to judge us (artists) a lot please don’t judge other it is a request but as far as feedback and criticism on the performance is concerned we always appreciate and welcome it. But judging others and commenting on personal life is not cool at all.

For MediaSpring PK, you guys are doing a good job and you always appreciate my work provide feedback and promote it a big thank you for that.

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