[Interview] 15 questions with very talented news anchor and face of Neo TV – Huda Shah
[Interview] 15 questions with very talented news anchor and face of Neo TV - Huda Shah
[Interview] 15 questions with very talented news anchor and face of Neo TV – Huda Shah

Huda Shah is one of the younger names in our broadcast industry but that can not outdo the importance such names have gained with their dedication and hard work. Huda Shah is currently associated with Lahore-based Neo News where she is truly an all-rounder, as she has done sports news show, entertainment news, field reporting, events coverage and the list goes on. A Mass Communications graduate, Huda started her career in 2014 with NEO News, she was part of the team that eventually launched the channel in 2015. She also had a stint at Dunya News last year before rejoining Neo News HD. Now after nearly two years Huda Shah is a known name.

Recently Team MediaSpring PK had chance to interview the face of Neo News, Huda Shah and here is what she said in response to our questions:

1. Were you always attracted to journalism and media and when did you realize that a career as a media person was for you? Tell us how it all started

Huda: Ummm not really, I always wanted to come in media, showbiz to be precise. However when I completed my internships at various news channels, I asked to myself why should not give broadcast journalism a try? So, That is how I started my career as an anchor person 🙂

2. Tell us something about your educational back ground, and to what extent do you think your education and your academic degree has helped you in your career?

Huda: I have done Bachelors in Mass communication, and of course, my degree has proved to be a ladder to me.

3. Tell us something about your family, which city are you from, how many family members are there in your family, how supportive your family is about your career and work. And how much do you think family support is important?

Huda: We are four siblings I am the eldest, and I’m from Lahore, in fact, I am a hardcore Lahori 😉

You may not believe, but when I was going to start my career, there was no support of any kind from my family :D. But I believe that when You are willing to do something you just trust in youurself and rest of the things stare setting in your favor.

4. What part of your work you find the most challenging and which one you enjoyed the most?

Huda: Ah!!! This news industry was a challenge for me in the beginning. That is because I was not very keen towards news or being a news buff, even I used to hate reading newspaper 😉 but yes now this is my passion and I am loving my work so far.

5. You have done both, news casting and anchoring of news show, which one you find most challenging?

Huda: I have done sports and infotainment shows and news casting. News Anchoring is more challenging.

6. Sometimes listening to a bad news devastates our day, I am sure reading a bad news must have an effect on a news anchor too how do you coup up with that?

Huda: Yes! there is always an effect of bad situations when you are going to report them, but the thing is sometimes you get prone to these things and you get habitual of it. Sometimes the intensity of the situation shakes you badly being a human it is not easy to deal with all the intensities with the same ease.

7. How important do you think a healthy rivalry is among the fellow news anchors, do you think anyone as your rival (heathy/professional rival of course)?

Huda: Hahhaha well I always believe in me, my work and that’s it.

8. Do you like reading books, if yes then what type of books? Also how much do you think study and personal research is important for a news anchor?

Huda: I like reading books of almost all the types. Study is very important for one’s grooming, for personality development, behavior, and vision.

9. We have seen couple of examples from Pakistani news media that some news anchors shifted to modeling and acting do you have any such plans?

Huda: No idea or plan as yet. I believe that life is all about living in the moment. I will decide about future when it will become the present. And you never know 🙂

10. Define your personal style in three words

Huda: Classy, decent and challenging

11. Any tip of message you would like to give to the people who want to join news media as journalist or news anchor

Huda: Just trust in yourself, and challenge your fears with positive energy. Trust me you will achieve whatever you want.

12. Tough “Selfies” have taken over autograph, but have you ever asked for an autograph how did it feel when you gave your first autograph as news anchor/media personality?

Huda: It was quite good 🙂 “ohhh my fan” 😀 this was running in my mind at that time.

13. Most memorable news that you ever read as a news anchor, and any news that you regretted to read on a news bulletin?

Huda: Every day is memorable and same can be said about news.

14. What are future plans of ‘Huda Shah’?

Huda: As i said above, I like to live in present 🙂

15. Any message for your fans and readers of MediaSpring PK?

Always keep me in your prayers and thank you for your love.

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