[Interview] 10 Questions with Ghana Tahir, Zara of forthcoming drama serial Inteha

Ghana Tahir is one of the new and fresh faces of our entertainment and TV industry. We have seen her and loved her in TV serials such as Saya-e-Dewar Bhi Nahi, Sangdil, Ap Kay Liye, Ahsas. She is indeed a good and hardworking actress and she truly has a knack for character roles.


These days Ghana is busy in the shooting of her upcoming TV serial, Inteha. Team of MediaSpring PK got chance to talk to her about her career so far and the TV serial. Here is what she had to say.

There is quite a buzz about your new drama serial Inteha, but what was one factor that made you sign this TV serial?

Ghana Tahir: Qasim Ali Mureed’s passion towards his work made me sign the play. I know, the way he’s working, he can pull it off really well. I have faith in this man though it’s his debut as a director but he’s so much into his script which makes me delighted. Honestly speaking he is working so hard on every character of this project.

I have faith in this man though it’s his debut as a director but he’s so much into his script which makes me delighted. Honestly speaking he is working so hard on every character of this project.

Tell us something about the serial Inteha, considering the title what ultimate extreme it is about?

Ghana Tahir: I think you guys should wait for the serial to come on screen that will give you the right answer, but I must say the story is beautiful something very different from what we have been seeing on the tv screens.

Tell us about your role, who is Zara how is she as a character? did she challenge acting skills of Ghana Tahir?

Ghana Tahir: Zara is someone who loves her elder sister Bisma but she rules Bisma’s life, helps her and is always there for her. The bond of two sisters is so strong. I’m so glad to have Naveen as my onscreen sister because she is a beautiful soul.

Well honestly playing the comedy along with the touch of rudeness is quite easy, but playing positive smart along with a touch of comedy is not very easy.

How is this role different than your previous roles?

Ghana Tahir: The role is indeed different from the previous character of Saba of Besharam as  Zara is definitely someone I am working hard on and I am happy I have Qasim for guidance. I just hope it comes the way we are expecting Zara to be.

Any particular moment from the serial or any incident on the sets of Inteha that you would like to share with us?

Ghana Tahir: As we are still shooting the project there is nothing specific worth mentioning at the moment, but my bond with Qasim and Naveen Waqar is too good.

Qasim is a friend and it’s like working with family, it’s such a great experience to work with Naveen, although we have previously worked in Saya-e-Dewar, but we got along really well in this one.

Who is your favorite character, besides yours, in the serial Inteha?

Ghana Tahir: I think Sherry, played by Sami Khan, but again I don’t want to discuss about the story much as we want to stay quite until it’s on-air.

What is one particular thing about Inteha that you think the audience will like the most?

Ghana Tahir: The shades of life is the only thing which actually happens in one’s life and Qasim is going to show that in Inteha. It is a detailed work I must say.

Ghana Tahir as a model or Ghana Tahir as an actress, which one do you like the most?

Ghana Tahir: Ghana Tahir as a character actor, who would love to do everything where she gets her margin. That’s what I am!

What are future plans now? Is big screen in the cards?

Ghana Tahir: Yeah! Few things are in pipeline, but the ALLAH knows well.
I am not much keen about big screen unless the content is strong, However, I am working for a film called ‘Rangreza

I feel big screen is just like gambling I do not want to risk my future, I am here to learn, my goal is bigger than this and God willing I will reach there 🙂

Any message for your fans and readers of MediaSpring Pk?

Ghana Tahir: My message is only to pray for me and support me if you like my work. Also, I would like to thank all of my fans who follow me and support me, Thank you! 🙂

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