Internet Restored after 38 hours disturbance in Pakistan

Pakistan faced a huge internet disruption on Saturday because one of the cable in submarine, IMEWE (India-Middle-East-Western-European) that was one of the major source of bringing internet to Pakistan faced technical issues. The fault in the IMEWE cable was detected in near Jedah.

This internet disruption affected a lot broadband users, 4G/3G, and Specially PTCL users. PTCL specifically owned the IMEWE cable in the submarine. At the same time, the GM of PTCL appeared on the screen and handled the situation. And told the folks that they are working on the disruption and promised to restore it in a while.

The fault basically occurred because 6 cables were providing internet services to Pakistan out of which 3 were already facing trouble. And another downfall in this exaggerated the problem.

According to the technical assumptions the cut was made in the sea but later on it was reported after a detailed review that cut on the cable was on land.

Living in the 21st century people have become so dependent on the internet that time span from Saturday morning till Sunday evening things got so odd.

People couldn’t bear that internet was down and had nothing to do. People lived like savages in these 38 hours of long span of no internet.

One thing was made very clear that being so obsessed with the internet survival is not possible!

PTCL General Manager Imran Janjua told The Express Tribune that the fault occurred near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. “A team representing the international consortium has been activated to diagnose the fault and remove this.” (Source Express Tribune)

Finally after 38 hours of continuous disruption in the internet the fault was recovered and internet was back. The restoration of internet brought back the life from the old times of stones. That outage of the internet created a huge disturbance in the entire country.


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