Dastaan & Aun Zara Fame Director Haissam Hussain and Sadia Jabbar Producer of Hit Serial MeraNaamYousuf Hai  Joined Hands for a Feature Film

Haissam Hussain and Sadia Jabbar Joined Hands for a Feature Film

Celebrated director Haissam Hussain of Dastaan & Aun Zara and the renowned producer Sadia Jabbar of the hit TV serial MeraNaamYousuf Hai have joined hands for a feature e film.

Auditions and casting for the super novel project are underway and being finalized. We wonder if  Imran Abbas will find time from his schedule to consider an offer of a role for the upcoming joint venture? Or might the director Hussain pick as his leading man Osman Khalid Butt, the star of his hit directorial venture the timeless and humorous TV serial Aun Zara?

The finance producers for the upcoming film are Muhammad Ahmed Arshad Chaudry and Sadia Jabbar. Arshad Chaudry has previously financed and produced a number of drama projects but Sadia Jabbar first project as a finance producer and her first film venture. SaleemDaad, one of Pakistan’s finest Directors of Photography (DOP) who  has numerous TVC,s under his credit  for which he has won two PAS awards for Servis and Kenwood .  Earlier he was the DOP for the hit comedy romp ‘Jawani Phir Nahi Ani‘ and ‘Abdullah‘. Talented music impresario Sahir Ali Bhagga has been hired as the music composer and will create an apt mesmerizing soundtrack for the film.

The shooting for the project is slated to begin in January 2016.

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