Gharidah Farooqi to make her screen comeback with G For Gharidah on Aaj News

Gharidah Farooqi, who had to go low profile after a controversy in July this year, is making her screen comeback. Gharidah is going to replace Rehman Azhar on Aaj News in 8pm slot where she will conduct her show G for Gharidah.

Upon her comeback to screen Business Recorder & Aaj News owner Asif Aziz Zubairi has given the prime-time show on the TV channel.

Watch Video: Promo of G for Gharidah on Aaj News


Earlier in July her previous network, Express terminated her contract after a controversy revolving around Gharidah came to light. The decision of Lakhani group was highly praised, especially on social media.

As per news and various online platforms it is reported that Gharidah had tired to contact Geo, Dunya and Samaa to join as a programm anchor but due to the bad PR tagged with the anchor no channel took the risk of opening up for her.

Now it will be interesting to see how her new show is received and how good she does at this new platform.

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